Sunday, May 31, 2009

An explanation of 2 espressos

Referring to the movie "The Limits of Control" Jarmusch explains it this way, "I wanted to show how particular he was, and that particular scene came from something Isaach (de Bankole) did in real life about 15 years ago when I was with him. He blew up at a waiter because he ordered very particularly two espressos in separate cups. And the guy brought him a double espresso. And he went off on the guy, explaining why, but he was very agitated. And I found it kind of amusing. I was like, “Man, you’re really particular about how you drink those espressos, Isaach!” He was like, “Yeah, man I didn’t ask for a double, it’s a different texture, it’s a different temperature! I drink this one first, and then this one cools. I have my process! I asked for this, I want this, I’m the customer!” That stayed with me, hence the two espressos in the movie."

Click here to learn more about the movie and the concept.

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