Friday, November 13, 2009

Hard to "Beat"

Dropped into The Beat Coffeehouse today and had a nice chat with Joel the owner. The place is very friendly and has a space to die for. Joel is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the coffee business. I had a Bull Run blend that had a pick me up aroma to it and a pretty good bitter aftertaste with hints of caramel. Joel even pulled me a shot of some single source Costa Rican that I liked for its acidity. The aftertaste didn't hang on like the blend but I appreciated its brightness and aggressiveness for some reason. Every day is different and every mood too I guess so some days are meant to be more acidic. Who knows, maybe it was the cold misty day that drew me to the Costa Rican, but I definitely liked it and appreciated Joel's hospitality. He's got a good thing going there in Uptown, definitely one of the better cups of espresso in that neighborhood. And he tells me they have a lot of live music and art openings too so I'll be back for sure to savor the espresso and other amenities at The Beat Coffeehouse...

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