Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Of dog biscuits and OFT

At Bob's Java Hut the other day I didn't hesitate between the dog biscuits and the espresso, although I was tempted to drink the espresso. Just kidding...

Here is Espresso Expose' in Stadium Village. I didn't know they existed until we went to the Village Wok for Chinese food the other night. Damn fine food. Expose' had decent espresso although it was kind of the same old same old as many organic free trade places (OFT). I guess they all get the same beans from B and W or some other OFT place and since they don't really have any training in finishing off the process of preparing an espresso they all kind of taste the same. I feel sorry for the producers in Central America and Africa or Brazil that give us a good product, it gets roasted fine, but the machine is inferior and/or the barista has no idea how to make anything but the standard university student barista cup of espresso. Sad...

Finish the process man!

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