Monday, November 23, 2009

Nick and Eddie

Had 2 espressos at my new favorite place to eat, Nick and Eddie on Loring Park. This area has always had sentimental value for me being where my wife used to live when we first met and for the old Loring which has become regrettably the new Lurcat (yuck). Anyway, I absolutely love the food here and the ambiance and all our chill friends who wander in. Oh and let's not forget Ryan the friendly kick ass bartender that always knows what I drink and when I'm drinking it even if I don't... The espresso was much appreciated, especially since most restaurants are still serving basic brew coffee. My only suggestion might be a better bean, but other than that it was just what I needed after my jambon gruyere with raspberry sauce sandwich. Oh my. And did I mention my wife's band "Poosa" is playing Nick and Eddie Jan. 30th? Well I did now...

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