Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Angry Catfish is Open, Hallelujah!!!

I was greeted with a "Hey Keith" by master barista Michael as I walked into the new Angry Catfish coffee and cycle shop. He pulled me two awesome shots that almost brought me to tears they were so good. I probably would have cried right there and then with joy if it weren't for the fact that I was exhausted from flying in on the red eye from California. Anyway, you've simply got to check this place out. The espresso is divine. I had the Intelligentsia Black Cat espresso and it was delicious. It's sweet finish is what hit me. It had the perfect nose to it with just the right acidity, a perfect brown rust crema and a bittersweet finish that stayed with me on my way back to work. Finally south Minneapolis has a high end espresso bar we can all flock to!

Look at the space in this place!

Venice Beach's own Intelligentsia beans... Rare to find here in Minnesota...

One down, one to go... and the crema!

Yours truly striking the 2 espresso pose...


  1. Thanks for stopping in Keith! It's always great to have espresso drinkers in!

  2. I'm thrilled for these guys. They're assembling quite a team of baristas.

  3. Good meeting you too Adam! Rock on!

  4. This is simply an awesome addition to the community. Period.

  5. I have tried visiting Angry Catfish coffee and cycle shop a couple of days ago and I can say that this place is really great. They also serve the best espresso coffee in town. Thanks for sharing with us this post. Great pics too!