Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Warming Qualities of 2 Espressos

Today was a good day (like many days here in Minnesota) to bundle up and venture out to one of my favorite coffee bars, Blue Moon. There I settled in and appreciated the coziness of it all as I sipped on my espresso. I'm getting anxious to hear whether my grant proposal will be accepted so that I can venture out into the world (Italy to be precise) and sample the best espresso they have to offer. I asked for money to be able to study the "art of espresso" in its country of origin so that I could learn from the best and apply that knowledge back home in Minnesota and nationally to bring fine espresso center stage (where it deserves to be!). I guess I can only cross my fingers and hope the committee understands the importance of educating the public to the virtues of excellent espresso. Cross your fingers too because it would make one hell of a blogging experience...

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