Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is swill...

Ok, big chains who try to come off as friendly little local chains, it's time to wake up and smell the espresso revolution! What's with the automatic espresso machines that effectively eliminate the barista from the whole espresso making process?! I mean c'mon! A great espresso is part of a complex process that ends with the barista "preparing" the coffee before serving it to you. And that's a great espresso, yours aren't even good. Watery, burnt, over roasted swill is about all I can give you. Put the barista back in the game and get the extraction right...

I may look happy in the photo below, but that's just because I haven't tasted the stuff yet.


  1. I work at that very Caribou, and judging from the sloppy handwriting on the trivia question board, I probably wrote it.

    The thing with Caribou, you see, is that we SAY we are going for the neighborhood feel, but we are really going for the 40 year old soccer mom who is addicted.

    I met you a few days ago at said Caribou, and I told you I also work at Black Sheep out in S. St Paul.

    Look forward to reading and commenting more on the blog.

  2. Dude, nice to meet you. I hope to get by Black Sheep again soon. When do you work there?

  3. Must vary from Caribou to Caribou. There are a couple in my area and one does let the barista do her work and it's not bad. Fresh beans and ground to the shot. Another one nearby also a good machine (not a super) but the barista couldn't tell a good cup of espresso from a clump of mud.

  4. Well one thing I've noticed a lot with the chains like caribou is the installation of the automatic machines. I think this is a big mistake... I did have a good cup of espresso at Dunn Bros the other day where they had a better machine and someone who cared...