Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My trip to Ethiopia on Minnehaha Aveune...

Ethiopia is one of the finest coffee producing countries in the world so when I passed by Selam Coffee on Minnehaha today and saw this sign I just had to stop in... The beans were indeed from Ethiopia and the place had a friendly feel to it but the espresso was a a little overly bitter and had a slightly burnt taste to it. So my return to my coffee roots was a little "bitter sweet" or not...

Love the styrofoam...


  1. Does Asael still run the joint? I remember him when he was a barista at the 25th & Riverside Starbucks.

    Ethiopia may be the birthplace of coffee but I'm afraid to say that that has li'l to do with espresso.

    Styrofoam? Really?

  2. I didn't meet him. Yes, I wanted to like the coffee but... You guys opening first of September?