Sunday, August 23, 2009

Max has his Butter right

Max the barista at Butter has it right, "most espressos are too watery." He pulled two decent shots of Roastery 7 espresso and we talked coffee. More oils and emulsions are needed indeed! What's with all the high volume watery shots around town? Do I really have only a handful of choices if I want decent espresso in the Twin Cities? Max told me how he and his co-workers when he worked at Caribou would grab Caribou's hockey puck espresso pods and put whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on them and put them out for customers who would unwittingly bite into a mouthful of coffee grounds. You gotta like the guy. This place also has amazing pastries and the like. Go Butter. (35th and Grand in Mpls.)

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  1. Glad you found these guys. We met the owner at the Midtown Market on a Tuesday night and I got the impression that they were a gem of a shop.