Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One on One Bicycle Studio

One on One Bicycles has a nice cafe in the midst of loads of awesome bikes. If you go downstairs into the "junkyard" you will regale in parts galore. There are enough bicycles and bicycle parts for a thousand cyclists. The coffee however...

The espresso is B and W's organic fairtrade espresso. The shot was a bit long (like most shots in this town.. what is this? America the Bigger? Definitely not the Better...) and the aftertaste overwhelmingly bitter, too organic? too fairtrade? Is that possible? I'm not sure all these organic and fairtrade coffees are necessarily "good tasting" coffees. But I did enjoy the atmosphere in this place and they have much more to offer than just coffee...


  1. It's tough to fully get behind a certification that does not have criteria for quality. It's a shame that the fair trade goodwill ends with the product in the cup.

    Looks like they have some decent porcelain mugs; Rounded bottom and heavy.

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