Friday, September 18, 2009

The Purple Onion in Dinkytown

The guys down the street at Dunn Bros wanted to know how the Purple Onion compared to their stuff. Well guys, you have more heart and definitely know how to pull a shot, but I think the beans they were using at the Onion were just a little better quality. Your shots were thicker and a bit more oily but they had a dark roast that tasted pretty good. This isn't to say the Purple Onion lived up to my standards of espresso (no brightness, not the right emulsions, a little too watery, plus I'm not really a dark roast kinda guy) but it was a decent cup of coffee. And like you guys at Dunn Bros they were downright friendly people too. Both Dunn Bros and the Purple Onion had very nice places to hang out and lots of room. So there you go...

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