Friday, September 25, 2009

Scathing review of Coffee Bene in St. Paul

You know, this is supposed to be a zen experience, but the state of coffee is rather sorry indeed some days. The sign says "Good People, Good Coffee." Unfortunately I am here to report that neither were true the day I stopped in. I asked for my standard 2 espressos in separate cups and was presented with 2 choices of paper cups. I have come to expect this occasionally but asked if they had any porcelain. The barista gave me the look of death and pulled out two mugs and rolling her eyes a little more asked if these would work. I said ok. Then with the push of a button I instantly got 2 watered down crappy non espressos with no crema and no real taste. Hey, at least I didn't have to take the taste with me.

Part of the problem with this place surely must be the fact that they are trying to cater to students from nearby St. Thomas. I feel sorry for the students. Although students, how much do you actually know about good coffee? I had to run to Kopplin's for coffee redemption afterward...

This picture was taken just before having to put my finger down my throat...

Later at Kopplin's with the "good stuff"


  1. I hate that "eye roll" novice baristas give you when you ask for something they've never heard of or don't value... ugh. I feel like it is a genuine request, they feel like I'm the espresso nazi.

  2. Nothing wrong with being an espresso nazi, this town needs more...