Tuesday, July 7, 2009

If you want a cool place for a photoshoot

Cafetto in Uptown, coffee and shopping at the Wedge. It seemed like everywhere I placed my 2 espressos (very good, very bold) I had an awesome shot. And the coffee was damn good too. They pull their shots with B + W Italian Espresso which the company describes as "Our darkest espresso blend. Some call it the espresso with a 7-mile finish. It has a fantastic rich crema that is perfect for the straight espresso drinker. This espresso has a dark fruit flavor, an almost Port wine taste and a long smoky finish." I couldn't describe it better so I won't.

Just booked a pace at the Tecopah Hotsprings next week in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Poosa and I are heading out to help my brother with his badwater Ultramarathon race. Nothing like a week in the desert in July to say I love you bro. Let's hope they have espresso...
Cupping some Guatemalan today at Cafe Imports, oh yeah...

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