Saturday, July 18, 2009

C'est Si Bon in the desert!

C'est Si Bon at Shoshone in the desert. Great soul and awesome espresso. Molly served us up some excellent espresso in her beautiful little corner of the universe. C'est Si Bon is in the middle of the Mojave Desert at the crossroads of nowhere and somewhere special and afforded us not only good coffee but healthy conversation. We'd spent the night at Tecopa Hot Springs Resort the night before where we soaked in 115 degree water when it was 120 out, go figure... We had a delicious Mediterranean plate of healthy food that night at Pastels Restaurant and now were enjoying Molly's company at C'est Si Bon. We spoke about organic food, ayuasca ceremonies in Peru and O3 while sipping a well prepared Lavazza. Unfortunately the morning ran away too quickly and we had to head to LA but we certainly had a good time in the last place I expected to get good espresso...

This place has all the right energy lined up...


  1. I work in Death Valley and have been been going to this cafe for years - it is truly a desert gem. I'd just like to clarify that the person who started this years ago and continues to work hard at it's success is David Washum, owner of Cafe C'est Si Bon. Molly came on the scene only months ago. David's has created "her" beautiful little corner of the universe.

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  3. Our experience was with Molly who was very helpful. She even showed up at C'est Si Bon the next morning because she knew we were coming there for espresso even though David had "closed" the place that morning. Molly is all I have to go on...