Friday, June 12, 2009

2 Espressos before the Plantation Tour

On our way to the Drayton Plantation we stopped off at a place I had
heard had good local espresso, Muddy Waters. Prescott the barista
hooked me up with 2 espressos made from a Durham SC coffee company
called Counter Culture. The roofers were pounding away on a new roof
as I sipped the Ethiopian, Sumatran and "something else" (Prescott's
words) and relaxed into another day in the South...

It's so damn hot and humid here that it's a little weird to drink hot
coffee but I'm on a mission so I do my duty like a good 2 espresso guy
(hint, hint). The Counter Culture blend had a bold aroma and the taste
was slightly acidic but not overpowering. Slight red rust color to the
crema and medium body, kind of a ristretto... All and all a decent start to the day here in Ashley, SC. 3/5 shots.

Now get out there and demand ristretto espresso and send me your

Do it y'all...

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