Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Storm Before the Calm...

Oh my god, I waited too long on a Sunday for my 2 espressos!

My wife told me to have 2 at the local farmer's market this morning but I decided to wait and that was a big mistake. I wanted to try Diamond's off Central but when we got there it was closed. So the next nearest place was the Bean Scene in North Minneapolis but they were out of business. I dropped Poosa off at home since I was starting to get a little desperate and headed over to Java J's which was... Open!

I'd been here before and although the barrista was obviously really bored with her job I was just happy to have found a place open. Decent coffee with a good crema, earthy, woody taste. Lavazza beans I think. Oh and they have an awesome beer selection if that helps you. Anyway, at that point I couldn't really complain. I was just happy because I really didn't want things to fall apart... the center held.

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