Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some weird Danish town "as seen in Sideways"

I woke up in this funny little fake Danish town "as seen in Sideways" and headed over to one of the few places with espresso. I ordered my 2 espressos at the Bulldog from a girl that looked like it was just a summer job "and you gotta work somewhere" and went outside to take in the world. Unfortunately my search for gourmet espresso ended up still being around the corner as these were pretty average, brown non-descript espressos.

Here I am at New Frontiers with some "organic espresso". Well it was a dark roast which just didn't seem right...

Here with Brian at Rhythms Coffees.

This is such a beautiful valley with it's horses and wine. I've never
understood Solvang however as it seems like it would fit better in a
place like Disneyland than it does here nestled not far from Santa
Barbara. But with my 2 espressos I was able to better take it in and
try to place it in some kind of context. Now, however, I've got to get
back to my sleeping wife with her Americano. Hopefully she won't be
awake enough to notice the blandness of the coffee...

By the way, I'd give the Santa Ynez Valley 2/5 shots for effort...

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