Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hiding out in LAX airport

A 2 espresso is the oasis of calm in the midst of airport hustle. You sit and sip and watch the travelers going to and from the destinations. The espresso takes you back to your roots, as it always does. For when you think about it the espresso is the basis or root from which many of the popular coffee drinks come from, it is their "source". And what could be more simple yet so powerful?

Now Starbucks espresso in a papercup, hmmm... Well first off,
Starbucks reputation for over roasted coffee remains intact. It had a
burnt quality (quality?) to it that I had been expecting after all the
reviews I had read. I will say this for it though, better than the
airport Caribou I had earlier on our trip. Better color and crema, but
that's about it. I'm in need of a gourmet espresso soon! I haven't
really found one since I visited Shish days ago. But I'll keep
searching, this you can be sure of. 2/5 shots.

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