Monday, June 29, 2009

It's how you make the stuff...

The barista measured the coffee perfectly, overfilling the shot and then gently pushing the excess away with her finger. Then tapping away any remaining dust along the edges she tamped it down with just the right pressure. It's so nice to watch when it's done right and done well. Hats off to Common Roots Cafe for hiring people who know their craft. I know students need summer jobs in coffee houses but thank god their are a few good baristas around.

Peace Coffee produces a special "Roots Blend" and it works very well. The aroma kicks you in the nose with just the right hint of liveliness and tang. The body had a full mouthfeel which contrasted nicely with many of the other thin espressos I often get around town. Viscocity should never be neglected. Perfect acidity and taste to this blend. I have to find out what's in it. I've encountered Peace Coffee being served around town, but this was the first I really, truly enjoyed.

Common Roots is a great place not only for espresso but for food and drink as well. They really have a good thing going. Just the other day kare11 wrote an excellent article detailing their attention to local, organic ingredients. Here's a link to the post.

And yes, that is a Def Leopard T-Shirt... rock on...

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