Monday, June 15, 2009

Poosa's birthday espressos

Poosa's birthday today on Kiawah Island. Had no idea this place was going to be an exclusive resort behind a security gate, but what the hell, have to see how the other half lives sometimes... Started day at Java Java where Chris claimed to be something of an espresso expert and he was right, good espresso. The girls were shopping while I stole away to this place and tasted Chris' excellent espresso. Beans (Armando's Espresso Blend) must have been good because the taste was rich and bitter but at the same time smooth, almost chocolaty. Medium roast went down perfectly.

Later we went out to The Ryder Cup course and had a little birthday dinner and finished it off with some pretty delicious (although no crema) coffee. I fell in love with the bullet shaped espresso cups. Awesome locale and wonderful way to sip down some digestive espresso...

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