Monday, June 22, 2009

Glaciers Cafe saved me today

Glaciers Cafe was in the right place at the right time and I didn't even know they existed! I needed a tire repair and headed off into the unknown while they worked on it. Near corner of Minnehaha and Lake St. Glaciers Cafe is a nice, friendly cafe specializing in "Natural and Organic Ingredients Whenever Possible and Organic and Fair Trade Coffee" I was just happy to have a place to drink my espressos while waiting because it was turning out to be a sweltering day in the Cities...

I had heard mixed reviews of Peace Coffee's taste and was a little taken aback when told it was a very dark roast but all in all it was pretty good coffee. It had that cool sharp aftertaste that lingers on your tongue letting you soak in the experience for a little while longer... And they served my 2 espressos in silver ramikans which was kind of unique and made me laugh. Thank god Glaciers Cafe was here to afford me some cool, quiet coffee time on this hot, deflated but not defeated day.

And despite the rising temperatures I won't be trying any "iced espresso"...

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